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Dangers of purchasing ‘off the shelf’ NDIS policies and procedures

Dangers of purchasing ‘off the shelf’ NDIS policies and procedures

It is essential for NDIS providers to have quality policies and procedures in place to ensure you are meeting the NDIS quality requirements.

Whether you’re starting out and need policies and procedures or want to improve your system documentation purchasing ‘pre-prepared’ documents can be a convenient starting point, however there are potential pitfalls to be aware of.

For example, standardised off-the-shelf products may not always align perfectly with your business, and if they include processes and forms you do not implement, this can lead to staff not using your system and audit non-conformances. 

Good system documentation should follow your business processes and reflect the supports provide.  You should be CONFIDENT in using your system, update documents as your processes change, and staff should use these as a first port of call if they have questions (rather than asking the manager or quality and safeguarding staff). 

Your documentation should evolve as your processes change, ensuring it remains an accurate reflection of your operations and your staff should feel confident using the system documentation as a resource.

The goal should always be continuous improvement. Regularly reviewing and updating your documentation and processes is crucial to staying compliant and efficient.

A good consultant will work with you to make sure the system is truly yours as well as being compliant with the quality requirements set by the NDIS Commission.

At EFA we provides options to produce tailored documentation including policies and procedures, participant handbooks, internal audit plans and easy read English documents. We can also assist with self assessments/internal audits and work with you on system improvements.   If you would like to speak to us on how we can assist you in these areas, please contact us on 0478 616 207 or for a complimentary consultation.

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