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EFA Enquirer: 11 October 2022

In this edition  

  • EFA Workshops Remaining in 2022
  • New NDIS Practice Alerts
  • Why Become a Registered NDIS Provider
  • NDIS Participants in Hospital – Discharge to Home,  Not Housing Webinar
  • What Does Good Support Look Like
  • NDIS 2022-2027 Strategic Plan

EFA Workshops Remaining in 2022

NDIS Restrictive Practices & Behaviour Support for Implementing Providers

We are very excited to announce that we are offering a 40% DISCOUNT on the NDIS Restrictive Practices & Behaviour Support for Implementing Providers training on 17 November 2022.Simply enter the code ‘RP40’ upon checkout to receive your 40% discount. This is a saving of $220!! Book your spot now!

Internal Audit Training (One Day) 

Internal Audits are a mandatory requirement for NDIS providers under the NDIS Practice Standards.

This internal audit training on 11 November 2022 will give you a sound basis and the tools to move forward with your own audits. EFA are auditing and quality specialists. Tickets are $495 each. Book here!

NEW NDIS Practice Alerts

The NDIS Commission has released new Practice Alerts in a range of areas some of which are vitally important such as preventing respiratory infections, polypharmacy, respiratory depression, cardiovascular disease, and epilepsy. Other alerts including transitions of care between disability services and hospital, medicines associated with swallowing problems, and lifestyle risk factors help providers offer best practice support for people with disability.  

The new Practice Alerts were developed in response to the Scoping review of causes and contributors to deaths of people with disability in Australia.  

These engaging resources include short animations, quick reference guides and easy read versions which provide important information on safe and quality service delivery to people with disability. 

Why become Registered Provider

Although it takes a bit of organisation and effort, the benefits of becoming a Registered Provider are many.
Here’s a few of the reasons why it’s worthwhile considering registration:

  • You can work directly with NDIA-managed participants as they are required to only use registered providers.
  • There is a publicly available list that participants can access, which only includes registered providers. 
  • Certain supports can only delivered by registered providers.
  • Payments can be sped up as they are handled directly through the NDIS portal.
  • Research indicates participants are more trusting of registered NDIS providers rather than unregistered providers.
  • Potential participants know that the provider has been assessed as meeting particular quality and compliance requirements. 
  • Marketing and promotion as a registered provider in your local area/s allowing for greater exposure and a higher uptake of your business.

You can work side by side with an experienced, approachable, and personable team of partners here at EFA who can assist you in the registration process and to raise the potential of your business significantly.

EFA can help you grow your business by becoming a registered provider which offers your business the greatest potential. Contact us today!

NDIS Participants in Hospital, Discharge to Home, Not Housing Webinar

If you are interested in finding out more about this topic there is an online webinar on the subject of ‘NDIS participants in hospital – discharge to home not housing’ which will be held at 1 pm (EST) on Monday 24th October by one of our partners, Brendon Grail. And it’s free!

Whilst the session is particularly targeted at Government decision makers (people such as discharge coordinators, hospital/health/housing executives, NDIS planners, LACs and complex needs specialists), it is also relevant for NDIS Support Coordinators, allied health practitioners, NDIS providers and families. If you are interested in how to use Supported Independent Living (SIL) and/or Independent Living Options (ILO) funding in less restrictive ways it could be worthwhile joining.

If you’d like to find out more and book you only need complete a registration form.  

What does good support look like

Have you heard of Dr George Taleporos yet?

The NDIS Commission has partnered with disability advocate Dr George Taleporos to deliver new episodes of his ‘Reasonable and Necessary’ podcast on You Tube. A recent episode, ‘What does good support look like? has many meaningful messages for service providers.

In this episode Dr George and his two guests discuss how being an NDIS participant as well as being a service provider enables a deeper insight into what good service is and how to keep in individualised. Did you know that EFA has several NDIS participants amongst its team including one of the Directors? That additional perspective really does impact on the uniqueness and quality of the service ultimately.

You can access all episodes on ‘Reasonable and Necessary’ Youtube channel.    

NDIS 2022-2027 – Strategic Plan

NDIS has recently released its Strategic Plan for 2022 to 2027.

With an updated vision, focuses, and measures of success it aims to be more responsive to the needs of NDIS participants.   

Building trust with participants is a big focus of this strategic plan.

If you are seeking help in becoming more aligned with the NDIS strategic plan in your business and in ensuring there is a high degree of trust in your service EFA can assist you.    

Request a free, no obligation 20 min consultation with one of our experts!