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How well are you prepared for your Mid-Term Audit?

How well are you prepared for your Mid-Term Audit? 1

Under the NDIS Quality and Safeguarding Framework, all registered NDIS providers whose last audit was a certification or recertification are required to complete a mid-term audit as a condition of maintaining your registration as a NDIS provider. 

We recommend all NDIS providers look at their registration certificate on the NDIS Commission’s portal and/or website and be clear about when your mid-term review date will take place. This should be no later than 18 months into your three year registration period. 

Your previous auditor should contact you prior to your mid-term audit to remind you that it is coming up, but it is still your responsibility to ensure the audit is undertaken.

The mid-term audit is an onsite assessment of how well you are continuing to meet the requirements of the NDIS Practice Standards, which will include interviews with participants, staff and key personnel.

The mid-term audit will focus on the Governance and Operational Management Practice Standards, any ‘highest risk’ supports you deliver, and non-conformances from previous audits.  The audit team will also be assessing how you have implemented the new (and amended) Practice Standards released in November 2021, including Mealtime Management, Severe Dysphagia Management (if appropriate), and Emergency and Disaster Management.

We recommend you review your policies and procedures to reflect the changes to the Practice Standards including having in place a current Emergency and Disaster Management Plan.  

It is also a mandatory requirement you can demonstrate, and you have a robust Internal Audit program in place as well.

If you fail to undertake a midterm audit by the due date the NDIS Commission will contact you to notify you that you may be in breach of the conditions of your NDIS Registration and may take compliance or enforcement action including revocation of your registration or other regulatory action if an audit is not completed.

Need help with your mid-term audit?

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