Jonathan Lardner


Johnathan Lardner

Jonathan is a seasoned housing professional with 16 years of experience dedicated to delivering accessible and affordable housing. As the CEO of the Blind Welfare Association, he successfully managed 30 independent living units, specifically designed for individuals with disabilities.

During his tenure as CEO for the Adelaide Benevolent Society, Jonathan oversaw the construction of 85 new accessible and affordable houses, totaling $12.5M in cost.

In 2014, Jonathan was appointed as the inaugural CEO of Access 2 Place Housing (A2P), a disability-specific housing provider aligned with the principles of the emerging NDIS. During his leadership at A2P, 26 new homes were completed, adhering to the then-new Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) guidelines. By 2020, A2P had grown to 300 houses and 500 tenants, establishing itself as the largest SDA provider in Australia.

At KinKera Community, Jonathan led the South Australian operations and initiated the development of 39 SDA properties across metropolitan and rural communities.

He takes pride in his contributions to two award-winning developments that received Master Builders Awards.

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