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NDIS New Regulatory Tool – Enforceable Actions

NDIS New Regulatory Tool – Enforceable Actions

The NDIS Commission have recently announced the first use of a new regulatory tool against an NDIS provider called an Enforceable Action. An Enforceable Action is a legally binding agreement between the Commission and the provider that outlines specific actions the provider commits to undertake to rectify issues of non-compliance with the law.

This approach is seen as an alternative to heavier compliance actions, such as court proceedings or banning orders and can be used in circumstances when providers are committed and willing to work with the Commission to address compliance issues and ensure the ongoing delivery of safe and quality services for NDIS participants.

The use of the Enforceable Action as a regulatory tool showcases a collaborative and preventative approach to addressing non-compliance issues, while also encouraging providers to proactively address and rectify such issues themselves.

In a commitment to transparency and accountability, details of compliance and enforceable actions against individuals and providers are published on the NDIS Commission’s website.

We encourage all NDIS providers to have an understanding of the NDIS Commission’s Regulatory Approach targeted at ensuring the quality and safety of services delivered to NDIS participants.

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