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NDIS Workforce Capability Position Description Tool

NDIS Workforce Capability Position Description Tool 1

Having the right position descriptions are vital to attracting the right people to your organisation with the skills and knowledge that are suited to the role and your NDIS business.

 A position description provides useful information to potential workers about the role and expectations and provides feedback to existing workers.

The NDIS Workforce Capability Framework describes the attitudes, skills and knowledge that service providers and workers should demonstrate when delivering services to people with disability under the NDIS. 

The Framework describes core worker capabilities that can give your workers and potential workers a clearer understanding about both the type of work and how it should be done. 

The core capabilities can be used as the foundation for building and reviewing current position descriptions that are suited to different participant needs and delivery environments.

The NDIS Commission has released a Position Description Tool to support NDIS providers to develop position descriptions based on the capabilities in the Framework.

The tool will help you create detailed position descriptions that include important information of the position and that aligns with the Workforce Capability Framework.  

The tool is interactive and will automatically populate with capabilities from the Framework based on the type of role you are creating. 

We encourage all NDIS providers to read about the NDIS Workforce Capability Framework and gain an understanding of the capabilities you need to deliver supports and review how the Position Description Tool can be used in your organisation.

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