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Revised High Intensity Support Skills Descriptor Frequently Asked Questions

Revised High Intensity Support Skills Descriptor Frequently Asked Questions

The NDIS Commission recently updated the high intensity support skills descriptors (HISSD) which came into effect from 1 February 2023.  These updates were made to align the descriptors with contemporary practice, expert advice, and a participant-focused approach.

High Intensity Supports are complex supports required by NDIS participants in order to manage their daily lives.

The high intensity support skills descriptors (skills descriptors) serve as supplementary guidance for NDIS providers and workers who support participants with high intensity daily personal activities (HIDPA). They outline the specific skills and knowledge that NDIS providers should ensure their workers possess when delivering supports to participants who rely on HIDPA.

In June 2023, the NDIS Commission released Frequently Asked Questions to guide NDIS providers in the implementation of the skills descriptors.

It is important for registered NDIS providers, particularly those registered for Module 1 HIDPA, to familiarise themselves with the revised skills descriptors and understand the compliance requirements. Some key points for providers to consider include:

  • Registered NDIS providers must ensure that their workers meet the expectations outlined in the relevant skills descriptors.
  • NDIS providers should conduct annual reviews to ensure that their workers possess the current skills and knowledge described in the skills descriptors.
  • If a worker has not delivered support for a period exceeding three months or if a participant’s support needs have changed, it is recommended that the worker be reassessed and, if necessary, undergo refresher training.

To assist NDIS providers in assessing their workers’ skills and knowledge against the skills descriptors, EFA has developed a High Intensity Support Skills Descriptors Staff Audit. This audit provides a self-assessment checklist for each skill and knowledge area required for the respective individual descriptors. The completion of this audit should help identify areas where workers may require further training to ensure compliance with the NDIS requirements.

If you are interested in purchasing this staff audit or have any questions regarding your obligations in relation to high intensity skills descriptors please contact us on 0478 616 207 or for a complimentary consultation.

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