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We have supported over 350 prospective and existing NDIS providers in New South Wales and South Australia alone. Providers need to understand and prepare for the national NDIS registration requirements, which are linked to a Quality and Safeguarding Framework. These requirements came into place for South Australia and Victoria from 1 July 2018, and these will be in force for all other States/Territories from 1 July 2019 except for Western Australia (which will be from 1 July 2020). We can help you navigate these transitional requirements and prepare for the new national registration requirements.

The NDIS national registration requirements are complex, and require compliance with:

  • The NDIS Practice Standards and associated Rules;
  • The NDIS Code of Conduct;
  • Complaints Management and Resolution requirements;
  • Incident Management and Reportable Incident requirements;
  • New Worker Screening requirements; and
  • New Behaviour Support requirements.

All providers seeking registration need either a verification or certification audit dependent upon risk of supports and legal entity. These audits are conducted by approved independent Quality Auditors (who have been trained by Engels Floyd and Associates). ALL providers need to have in place some level of policies, procedures, practices and systems proportional to their size, scale and scope of supports delivered.

Let us work with you to be a NDIS provider of choice. You can mix and match the type of support you need, or select from some of our popular packages below.

We demystify the new NDIS Quality and Safeguards requirements regardless of which State you are in, and in partnership with you:

  • Determine which audit pathway applies, and what type of support you may need through all stages of the NDIS registration process;
  • Develop draft tailored NDIS policies and procedures specific to the new Practice Standards proportionate to both Verification and Certification Pathways;
  • Review existing policies and procedures against the new Practice Standards and suggest necessary amendments/enhancements;
  • Undertake a ‘Tracking’ Exercise to identify your readiness for the new requirements;’
  • Apply the NDIS concepts of proportionality to your service, meaning a more streamlined and customised approach for your service and clients;
  • Develop ‘Easy English’ versions of policies and procedures for your clients;
  • Help you trial your system;
  • Facilitate your Self-Assessment against the new Practice Standards;
  • Develop a Concordance Table (invaluable for the audit process and your business!);
  • Prepare for Stage 1 (Desktop Audit);
  • Prepare for Stage 2 (On site Audit);
  • Provide learning opportunities to your staff and valuable audit evidence through the development of tailored homework, which will require staff to explore the Practice Standards and how they harmonise with your organisational context. Homework will be assessed and feedback provided to EFA. 
  • Implement mandatory Internal Audits for your service;
  • Help find the ‘best fit’ certification bodies;
  • Help you work towards ‘Best Practice’;
  • Provide an ongoing Coaching role;
  • Provide training to management and staff on the relevant Standards;
  • Suggest marketing and engagement strategies;
  • Recommend business support

Your success is our success!

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