NDIS Workshops and Training

We are national leaders in delivering NDIS workshops and training on the NDIS quality and registration requirements. We are the ONLY consultants who have been trusted by the NDIS Commission to develop and deliver training to the NDIS Quality Auditors who will be auditing NDIS providers. This means we are in a unique position as we know EXACTLY what auditors will be looking for! We also have the lived experience of disability which provides additional insights.

We have also delivered training to JAS-ANZ (accreditation body), and National Disability Services (NDS), which is the peak body for disability services.

We have delivered tailored workshops for the governing bodies and management teams of large disability organisations, as well as to regional networks of NDIS providers, and very small providers also.

We can deliver training on:

The NDIS registration requirements, including:

    • The key stages in the NDIS audit process
    • The NDIS Practice Standards
    • ‘Tips and Tricks’ to navigate these requirements
    • Trends in non-conformances and how to address these
    • Quality Management Systems
    • Disability Awareness
    • Internal Audits

If you have any other training requirements, we can certainly discuss those also.


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