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What do NDIS providers need to know about Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology?

What do NDIS providers need to know about Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has the potential to significantly impact the disability sector by improving accessibility, enhancing assistive technologies, and promoting inclusivity.

NDIS providers need to be knowledgeable about how AI is being used in their organisation and how it could impact the ways they deliver services in the future.

AI technologies offer significant benefits to the disability sector. They can boost workplace effectiveness and efficiency, enabling NDIS providers to deliver better services to their clients. AI-powered assistive technologies have the capacity to enhance accessibility, empowering individuals with disabilities to overcome barriers and participate more fully in society.

Although AI technologies can be valuable in the workplace, responsible and ethical use of AI must be prioritised, in accordance with government approaches and organisational policies.

Presently in Australia, the Commonwealth Government and the NDIS Commission have released Artificial Intelligence (AI) Guiding Principles that provide a framework for the responsible and ethical use of AI, ensuring that AI systems prioritise human wellbeing, fairness, transparency, and accountability while promoting positive outcomes for individuals and society as a whole.

NDIS providers need to proactively consider the ethical framework within which they will employ AI in their organisation. This framework should align with the organisation’s values, respect privacy, promote fairness, avoid bias, and comply with legal and regulatory requirements.

Your policies and procedures should be updated to include risk management considerations associated with AI technologies to minimise negative outcomes and ensure responsible AI use.  They also need to ensure they are complying with relevant legislation including data protection, intellectual property, and privacy requirements.

NDIS providers should also provide guidance and training to their staff on responsible AI usage. It is crucial that employees understand their obligations and the potential risks associated with AI.

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